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Have you recently completed the aligner phase of your Invisalign treatment? If so, it's important to remember that this is only the first step in the process. Wearing your retainer after treatment by the Novato dentist should be considered an essential element of the treatment.

How Your Retainer Helps

Whether you have gone through Invisalign treatment or not, your teeth are always moving to some degree and it may not always be perceptible. This means that you will need to wear some type of orthodontic retainer after your Invisalign treatment is completed to maintain the corrected alignment.

If you don't  wear the retainer provided by your Novato dentist, it is likely that your teeth will gradually start to drift out of alignment. You may be surprised to learn that going without a retainer for even a relatively short period of time can give teeth an opportunity to shift causing another misalignment. 

Wearing Your Retainer

There are two types of retainers: fixed and removable. As the names imply, these terms refer to the fact that the retainer is either permanently attached to your teeth or is removable. Each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Your cosmetic dentist can discuss both these options with you and help you make the decision as to which will be most beneficial to your situation.

Certain teeth alignment problems need to be retained longer than others. Therefore, retention is more critical in these cases. Your Invisalign dentist is the best person to determine what is appropriate in your situation.

Now that you’ve completed the Invisalign treatment successfully it makes sense to consider the retention phase as an ongoing and necessary part of your treatment. You’ve already made an investment in a beautiful, even smile. By conscientiously using your retainer you are simply protecting your investment. Please call our dentist office for more information or to schedule a convenient appointment.

One of the most amazing innovations in modern dentistry is dental implants. It is estimated that over three million people have had their lives changed by dental implants. Dental implants have a proven success rate of 98%, which is why they are the gold standard for tooth replacement today.

But many people still don't have a full understanding of implants and what they can do, so here are a few helpful things to know about this innovative tooth replacement:

Dental implants are actually made up of three parts. First, the implant itself, which is a replacement root made up of a tiny titanium post that’s surgically placed in your jawbone and allowed to heal. After the site has healed, our Novato dental implants dentist will attach a piece to the implant called the abutment. Finally, a restoration like crown, bridge, or denture will be attached to restore function and esthetics.

Dental implants are permanent. A dental implant is like a natural tooth root, but better. The implant itself becomes a permanent part of your anatomy because the titanium post is absorbed by the jawbone and tissue in a process called osseointegration. While the restoration may need to be replaced at some point, the implant’s not going anywhere!

Dental implants can be used to stabilize dentures. The most common complaint among denture wearers is the embarrassment and discomfort caused by slipping and movement. Dental implants are the perfect solution because they hold the denture securely in place. The Novato dental implants dentist places implants at certain points along the jaw, and a denture with corresponding attachments snaps onto the implant. The result is a permanent solution for uncomfortable dentures!

Call Us to Learn More

Would you like to learn more about dental implants and the ways they can improve your oral health AND your life? Please call our office, and we will be happy to arrange a dental implants consultation with our dentist, Dr. Steven McConnell.

The holidays are upon us, and many of us are preparing to celebrate with family gatherings that involve consuming all our favorite seasonal foods.

But with all the excitement, it’s easy to overlook the impact that certain of these foods can have on your teeth. At our Novato family dentist office, we want you to enjoy the holidays in a way that doesn’t compromise your oral health.

Below are 4 delicious holiday foods that are so delicious, but can also be bad for your dental health.

  • Popcorn – Popcorn is a holiday favorite, but at this time it can be drenched with caramel for a sweet, satisfying treat. You don’t necessarily have to pass on popcorn, but be aware that the kernels can get stuck in between your teeth, and are often difficult to remove. As a result, they can lead to bacterial growth and other complications. If you indulge, rinse your mouth and floss as soon as possible.

  • Deeply-Colored Foods –  Some deeply-colored foods can be very healthy, like beets or curry. But the downside is that these types of foods can quickly stain your teeth. Remember to immediately rinse your mouth with warm water or a mouthwash after you consume these foods during your holiday feast.

  • Carbonated Sugary Drinks – Consumption of carbonated drinks has increased dramatically, but the sugar in these drinks linger in your mouth and form acid that eats away at dental enamel and leads to decay. Try substituting with water or water-infused fruit juice to quench your thirst and keep your teeth healthy.

  • Tomato Products (Ketchup, Hot Sauce, Pasta Sauce) –  The acidity level of tomato products can soften the enamel of your teeth, resulting in increased tooth sensitivity. This process can also lead to tooth decay. Tooth enamel is also prone to stains due to the dark color of tomato sauces. Adding water to the sauce can help decrease acidity levels.

Please Call for More Information

The Novato family dentist is committed to providing you with all the information you need to keep your smile healthy. Please don’t hesitate to call us to learn more!

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