Achieve Your Dream Smile Quickly With Our Novato Cosmetic Dentists

Written by Dr. McConnell on Mar 7, 2023

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, it is now easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before to refresh your smile. Our Novato cosmetic dentists work with a lot of patients who are trying to achieve aesthetic results in time for a specific event—like a wedding or reunion. If you are on a short timeline, our team has options for you…

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a versatile and effective treatment option that is completed in just one appointment. Using pliable, custom-shaded composite resin, our team can cover unsightly enamel, repair dental damage, and even make your smile look straighter.


Like dental bonding, LUMINEERS have the ability to completely transform your smile. However, LUMINEERS are made from exceptionally thin porcelain, rather than composite resin. This type of treatment is generally completed in just two or three appointments. 

Professional Dental Whitening

Topical whitening treatments lift environmental stains from the enamel surface, thus helping to restore your smile to its natural level of whiteness. You may be able to lighten your teeth by several shades with just one whitening session. Keep in mind that this non-invasive treatment can be repeated over time in order to achieve a more dramatic visible impact.

CEREC Crowns

If you are dealing with cracked, chipped, or infected teeth, you will likely need a restoration to restore your smile. The good news is that our Novato CEREC dentists are able to design, craft, and place your restoration right here in our office. That means you don’t have to wear a temporary crown, and you don’t need to schedule multiple appointments, in order to get the restorative care that you need.

Few of us have a ton of extra time to allocate to dental care. We hope that this short article has helped you better understand all that can be accomplished in just an appointment or two. As always, our Novato dentists are happy to give you additional information—give us a call to get started with a personal consultation!