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Are your gums tender and inflamed? Do they bleed when you brush?

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a common problem that affects nearly half of adults over the age of 30. It is a bacterial infection that attacks gum tissue and supporting structures of your teeth.

Severe gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss. As serious as that is, patients of the Novato, CA gum disease dentist are surprised to learn that there are other serious physical complications associated with the disease.

While periodontal disease, heart disease, and stroke may seem to be completely unrelated, numerous studies show that people suffering from gum disease are at twice the risk for coronary heart disease. Researchers have also found that oral infection is a risk factor for stroke.

Heart Disease and Stroke

We know now that the presence of periodontal disease can aggravate existing heart conditions. Several theories explain the link between heart disease, stroke, and periodontal disease:

  • Oral bacteria affect the heart – There are many strains of periodontal bacteria. Some of these enter the bloodstream and attach to the fatty plaques in the coronary arteries. This buildup contributes to clot formation, putting you at higher risk for gum disease.
  • Immune System – Individuals who have high levels of oral bacteria may also have weaker immune systems. This may set off a chain of events that have been shown to contribute to the onset of specific forms of heart disease.

Seeking Treatment for Gum Disease

Since periodontal disease appears to be a risk factor for both heart attack and stroke, it is essential to seek immediate treatment.

The good news is that with semi-annual exams and cleanings Novato, CA gum disease dentist Dr. Steven McConnell and conscientious oral hygiene, you may never have to worry about developing gum disease. If it’s time for your routine appointment, please call our office

Wide research and studies today are devoted to the connection between your oral health and your general health. This helpful article explores the relationship.

Advances in dentistry are happening at a rapid pace. The Novato CEREC dentist has chosen to invest in same-day technology because the process is efficient, comfortable, and improves the health and appearance of your smile. We believe that any technology that does all this is worth talking about!

So what exactly does this mean for you? Here are 5 important things you need to know about CEREC crowns:
  1. Crowns made using CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology can be created in just one appointment! No running back and forth for fittings and final placement of your crown.
  2. Placing CEREC crowns is comfortable and efficient, minimizing the time you have to spend in the dental chair. Since we use CAD-CAM technology, Dr. McConnell creates a digital impression. You no longer have to sit in the chair with the dreaded pink paste and a large metal tray in your mouth!
  3. Since CEREC crowns can be made in just one visit with the Novato CEREC dentist office, you don’t have the hassle of dealing with a temporary crown that may look artificial and not fit comfortably.
  4. Unlike conventional porcelain-on-metal crowns, CEREC crowns are all porcelain, so there’ s no metal to show through at your gum line. CEREC technology fabricates crowns out of a block of high-quality, durable porcelain that’s shaded and shaped to match your specific smile.
  5. In the real world, CEREC dental crowns look attractive and hold up beautifully to the wear and tear of daily life—just like a natural tooth does.
While we also offer traditional crowns, many patients prefer CEREC because they can walk out of our office with a beautiful new tooth and a more attractive smile. Would you like to learn more about this great new technology? Please call our office and a friendly member of our team will be happy to make an appointment for a consultation with our dentist!

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