CEREC Dentist Novato Creates High Quality Crowns in Just One Appointment!

Written by Dr. McConnell on Nov 22, 2016

We make it a point to stay current with all the latest advances in technology to ensure that our patients always receive the highest standard of care available. We’re always looking for improved ways to make your treatment as comfortable and efficient as possible. Today we can fulfill that mission with same-day CEREC technology.

With CEREC crowns created by the CEREC dentist Novato, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving a completed dental restorations in just one office visit. Using this state-of-the-art technology saves you time, money, and the inconvenience of enduring a drawn-out restoration process.

Why We Choose CEREC Crowns for Our Patients

With traditional crowns, you have to undergo multiple appointments, messy impressions, or temporary crowns to restore your smile to full health.

CEREC technology provides high-quality restorations right in our dental office. First our dentist prepares the tooth, then uses 3D scans to create your crown—not messy, uncomfortable impressions. The scans are sent to our CAD/CAM software, where we create the specifics for your crown. We are able to customize your crown in terms of size, shape, and color. As a result, your crown will fit securely while offering a natural-looking restoration.

The next step is to send these specifications to our in-office milling machine. The milling machine creates your crown from a single block of ceramic material. The result is a restoration of the highest quality that looks as natural as possible. Within an hour, your restoration will be completed, allowing us to bond it to the tooth.

Benefit from Same Day Dentistry

The CEREC dentist Novato wants your dental care to be as convenient and stress-free as possible. CEREC technology allows you to enjoy a more comfortable and efficient treatment that saves you time and inconvenience.

If you are ready to benefit from the best dental technology available, it is time to choose same day crowns with CEREC. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.