Learn More About How Our Novato Dentists Help Patients Using Laser Dentistry

Written by Dr. McConnell on Feb 9, 2021

At Marin Modern Dentistry in Novato, we are committed to using state-of-the-art technologies to help our patients achieve optimal results. Today, we are going to be giving you some more information about one of these technologies—the dental laser. Keep reading to learn more about benefits of laser dentistry.

Dental lasers are calibrated to eliminate diseased or damaged oral tissues, while leaving healthy portions of your smile intact. This is what makes laser treatment both so effective and so gentle compared to traditional cut and sew treatment options.

Periodontal Treatment

Laser therapy allows you to effectively treat periodontal disease without resorting to traditional, more invasive, cut and sew surgery. The amazing thing about laser periodontal treatment is that the laser is able to zone in on infected tissue. This means that the healing process post-treatment is much faster and more comfortable than it is with traditional treatment. Once you’ve eliminated diseased tissue, your oral tissues have an easier time healing and regenerating.

Root Canal

During root canal therapy our team goes into the damaged tooth and clears away diseased tissues as well as living tooth material like pulp and nerves. Dental lasers enable a new level of precision during root canal treatment.

Gum Tissue Reshaping

In some cases, uneven or overgrown gum tissue can make a patient’s smile look out of balance. Our dental team uses dental lasers to shape and minimize disproportionate gum tissue. Sometimes the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference when it comes to dental aesthetics. Because the dental lasers we use actually seal the tissues as they go, the healing process after tissue shaping is quick and comfortable.

By integrating the latest dental technologies into our practice, our Novato dentists help our patients achieve their dental goals quickly, comfortably, and healthily. Our dental team is here to answer any questions that you may have, and to help you schedule a personal consultation.