Novato, CA Cerecs Dentist Explains Dental Crown Restorations

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jul 28, 2014

It used to be the case that getting a dental crown placed meant that you had to sit through several visits. Your dentist would begin the restoration by reshaping your tooth to create a perfect fit for the new crown. When that process was finished your dentist would then fashion a temporary crown while the dental lab created the permanent one. Then you had to return to the dentist for the final placement.

Today, CEREC Ceramic Dental Restorations placed by Novato, CA Restorative Dentistry make the whole process much simpler. This system is the only treatment of its kind available for fashioning a new ceramic dental crown in one visit. Now, you can be in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all ceramic crown or veneer.

One-Appointment Convenience

The traditional process for obtaining a new dental crown normally requires multiple appointments to complete. The first visit usually involved an injection of anesthesia, tooth prep, dental impressions, and then a temporary crown was placed. A few weeks later the temporary crown was removed and a permanent crown placed.

This restoration treatment used at our Novato, CA Cerecs Dentist office allows placement of the new, permanent crown in one visit. Another appointment is unnecessary, and the worry over losing or breaking a temporary crown is eliminated. Because CEREC dental restorations are metal-free they look completely natural and enable your dentist to view the natural tooth on an x-ray.

Health Benefits

While CEREC dental crowns are much more convenient, there are also benefits to your overall health. Previously a dentist had two choices for creating a permanent restoration – amalgam or gold. Crowns fabricated with CERECS utilize durable and long-lasting ceramic that is color-matched to your teeth, restoring them to their natural former strength and beauty.

A particular benefit of these dental crowns is the fact that their composition closely resembles a natural tooth. This fact permits the crown and your tooth to expand and contract at nearly the same rate. This reduces the danger of developing a crack in the crown. Because these restorations are bonded onto your tooth directly, we can preserve the healthy tissue of your natural tooth. By following a routine of good at-home oral health care along with routine dental visits, your new CEREC dental crown may last a lifetime.