Novato, CA Cerecs Dentist Explains One-Appointment Dental Crowns

Written by Dr. McConnell on Nov 27, 2012

When most people think of dental crowns, they remember the last time they had a crown placed by their dentist. It usually involved two appointments to complete the process. During the first appointment the tooth was reshaped to accommodate the crown and then an impression (or mold) was taken of the tooth. This impression was then used to create a temporary crown, and this mold would be sent off to a dental lab where the final, permanent crown would be made. A second appointment date would be set to have the permanent crown checked for proper fit and cemented in place.

Cerec Crowns are a great new development in dentistry to eliminate the inconvenience usually associated with traditional crowns. The advantage of Cerec Crowns over traditional dental crowns is that the permanent crown is fabricated right in our Novato, CA Cerecs Dentist office while you wait, eliminating the need for a second appointment.

When you choose a dentist specializing in Cerec Crowns, your visit will include shaping of the tooth as usual. After this step, an image is taken of your tooth with an infrared camera, and this image is then input to a computer program so that your dentist can actually view a model of your tooth to aid in constructing your Cerec Crowns. A milling machine is used to fabricate your permanent crown from a single block of porcelain. The crown is cleaned and polished, refined to fit perfectly, and secured in your mouth. Usually this entire process takes about two to three hours to complete

The placement of a Cerec Crown by your dentist is usually an efficient process with very little stress to the patient. However, some patients who are generally anxious about dental visits may feel some anxiety about the procedure. Contact Novato, CA Restorative Dentistry, and we will be happy to arrange a consultation beforehand to decide if sedation is an appropriate option for you.