Novato, CA Dentist Outlines Benefits of Treatment with Laser Dentistry

Written by Dr. McConnell on Dec 6, 2016

An increasing number of dental patients are taking advantage of convenient and comfortable laser dentistry services. At our Novato, CA dentist office, we use state-of-the-art laser equipment to assist in treating a variety of common dental issues. By using laser dentistry we can provide our patients with the important dental treatments comfortably and quickly.

Uses for Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is an exciting advance in modern dental technology and has proven effective for:

  • Treating periodontal (gum) disease
  • Removing cavities
  • Performing root canals
  • Killing harmful bacteria and promoting healthy tissue regeneration
  • Safely and effectively enhancing your smile when used in conjunction with cosmetic dentistry treatments

Benefits of Using Dental Lasers

There are many benefits to using laser dentistry rather than traditional dentistry in a number of important aspects.

  • In most cases, the use of any type of anesthesia is unnecessary during laser treatment as it is very comfortable
  • Laser dentistry can be used safely to treat patients who have special needs or concerns like children and adult patients with dental phobias.
  • Since laser dentistry eliminates the need for drilling, the sound of a high speed drill that causes some adults and children to feel anxiety is also eliminated.
  • There is no invasive cutting so laser dentistry results in minimal bleeding and requires no stitches after treatment.

Please Call to Arrange an Appointment

Through the use of laser dentistry, our Novato, CA dentist is able to precisely pinpoint the areas where treatment is needed. This allows us to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible when filling teeth or performing root canal therapy. Maintaining healthy tooth structure is important for your oral health and well being.

Through laser dentistry we can provide our patients with efficient, comfortable dental treatment. Please contact our office for a consultation so we can discuss the ways in which laser dentistry may benefit you.