Novato CEREC Dentist Repairs Smiles Quickly

Written by Dr. McConnell on Oct 20, 2015

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, our smiles suffer from dental damage—either infection or injury. The good news is that this type of dental damage does not need to derail your daily life or your dental health. Our Novato dentists can help you repair your smile, and reclaim your stunning smile, using CEREC restorations.

The beauty of CEREC technology is that it allows our dental team to create and place a dental restoration in only one dental appointment.

It used to be that, when a patient needed a dental crown, he or she would need to wait for weeks in order to receive a permanent restoration. The patient would come into the dentist’s office, so that they could have their tooth prepped for a restoration. Then, the dentist would send a mold of the patient’s tooth to a dental lab, so that the patient’s crown could be created. The patient would wear a temporary crown while they waited for their permanent crown to be completed.

Now, however, thanks to CEREC technology, our dental team can take care of all of these steps in one appointment. When you come in for your restorative appointment, our dental team will prep your tooth, take measurements, and then use our in-office CEREC machine to mill your final restoration out of porcelain. We will then fit and place the restoration before you leave our office. You can come in to our office with a broken and damaged tooth, and leave with a refurbished smile.

Using CEREC technology, our Marin CEREC dental team has helped numerous patients get the smile-saving treatments that they need quickly and conveniently. Do you think that CEREC crowns might be right for your smile? If so, please call our dental team to schedule a personal consultation!