Novato Cosmetic Dentist Discusses the Advantage of Professional Teeth Whitening

Written by Dr. McConnell on Feb 28, 2012

When you look in the mirror are you disappointed to see old or dark looking teeth dulling your smile? If so, you know how important white, bright teeth can mar your appearance. More patients than ever are taking advantage of teeth whitening options to turn back the clock on their aging teeth as cosmetic dentistry becomes more accessible and wide spread. Consumers can use over-the-counter teeth bleaching treatments at home or receive custom whitening in the office a dental professional. These two types of treatment are not created equally as the formulations, expected results, and treatment processes are different.
Professional whitening treatments are administered in our Marin County Cosmetic Dentist Office. These treatments are peroxide formulations that will actually bleach dental enamel and drastically whiten the appearance of your teeth.
Professional whitening treatments are:
  • More effective than over the counter products because the whitening formulation contains a greater concentration of whitening agent.
  • Faster than over the counter products—most patients see significant results in just one or two visits.
  • More predictable than over the counter products. Working with a dental professional, you can better control the level and quality of whitening achieved.

Home whitening treatments, on the other hand are:
  • Less expensive than professional whitening treatments, because they are less effective and take weeks or even months to achieve full results.
  • More of a risk, because you cannot closely control the process and may end up with uneven enamel whitening, dental sensitivity, or gum irritation.

Before deciding on cosmetic whitening, it’s important that you consult with a dental professional to ensure optimal results. Professional whitening treatments allow you to better control your results, avoid sensitivity, and optimize bleaching to enhance your overall smile. Please feel free to contact Novato Cosmetic Dentistry Office for further information.