Novato Cosmetic Dentist Shares Key Things To Keep in Mind During Aesthetic Dental Treatment

Written by Dr. McConnell on Mar 20, 2021

When our Novato cosmetic dentists create an aesthetic treatment plan, we do a lot more than simply consider the appearance of a patient’s teeth. Keep reading to get a better idea of what goes into planning cosmetic care.

Prioritize Oral Health 

As we begin the treatment process, we’ll talk about your oral health goals and objectives. Our team will screen your smile for any dental problems—like infections or chips and cracks—that need to be dealt with promptly. We don’t believe in taking half-measures to make your smile simply look better. We are going to build your new, improved smile on a sturdy foundation. 

Improved Proportions

Another important factor to keep in mind is proportion and balance—specifically, how your teeth fit together and how they look in relation to one another. For example, in cases in which individual teeth are too large or too small, your smile as a whole can suffer. Our dental team shapes oral tissues, applies composite resin, and places porcelain restorations to achieve a harmonious and balanced effect.

Final Touches

When teeth are young and healthy they have a slight luster, and they appear some shade of white. It makes sense, then, that as teeth age and accumulate stains, they start to show their age. Effective professional-level dental whitening formulations, as well resurfacing treatments like dental bonding and porcelain restorations deliver immediate brightening benefits.

By prioritizing these factors, our Novato cosmetic dentists ensure that our patients love their post-treatment smiles. We are building healthy, attractive smile that last—no short-cuts or half-measures!