Novato Cosmetic Dentist Talks About Goals In Aesthetic Dentistry

Written by Dr. McConnell on Oct 19, 2021

Because every patient is unique, our Novato cosmetic dentists ensure that every treatment protocol is likewise one-of-a-kind. As we create a plan for your aesthetic treatment process, our team will focus on a few key issues; keep reading to learn more about the treatment components we prioritize: 

Correct Existing Damage

The absolute number one priority when beginning aesthetic treatment is to ensure that we address any outstanding oral health issues right away. Making your smile look better, without ensuring that it has a healthy foundation, is only setting you up for additional dental problems in the future. Whether you are dealing with cracked enamel, periodontal disease, or infected teeth, our team is here to help you find treatment solutions that deliver both functional and aesthetic results.

Prioritize Proportions 

Another key issue to think about is how balanced and proportional your smile appears, overall. If you have any teeth that are over-sized or disproportionately small, refining these teeth can make a world of difference in a short period of time. Some treatments that we often use in these situations are gum tissue reshaping, dental bonding (applying composite resin), and porcelain veneers.

Whiten & Brighten

Bright, white enamel is typically associated with youth and health. As teeth get older dental enamel can become more porous and end up retaining more stains. Gel dental whitening treatment is designed to lift existing discoloration and restore the tooth to its natural shade. On the other hand, treatments like composite bonding and porcelain veneers completely resurface the visible part of the tooth, covering any unsightly enamel. 

The more we are able to customize the treatment process for our patients, the more successful the end result will be. If you are ready to learn more about aesthetic dental care, or if you want to schedule a consultation with our Novato dentists, give our office a call!