Novato Cosmetic Dentists Help You Understand Considerations When Pursuing Aesthetic Treatment

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jun 11, 2024

With so many aesthetic treatments available to patients today, it can sometimes seem overwhelming for people to choose the perfect treatments for them. Well, that’s where our Novato cosmetic dentists can help!

We’ll walk you through your treatment options, and help you understand all of the considerations that go into picking the right treatment for you. Keep reading to learn more…

Before you get started with cosmetic treatment, you’ll undergo an assessment from our dental team. This examination gives us a starting point from which we can make treatment recommendations. We need to have a good understanding of how healthy your smile is, and what kinds of aesthetic objectives you want to achieve.

It’s also important for our dental team to know if you are on a specific timeline for a special event, like a wedding or a reunion. There are a number of aesthetic treatments that deliver results quickly. Professional dental whitening can lighten your natural enamel in just one appointment, and dental bonding, likewise, is completed in one day.

You also need to consider what type of post-treatment maintenance you’re comfortable with. Professional whitening treatments will need to be repeated periodically in order to keep your smile looking bright and fresh. On the other hand, dental veneers are naturally stain-resistant, so they won’t change in color due to environmental factors. The good news is that there are treatments available to fit in with your daily life and long-term dental goals.

Finally, cost is also a factor for many patients. Again, there are a range of options available. If you’re interested in covering your natural teeth, for example, you can choose between dental bonding and veneers; you’ll find that bonding is generally much more affordable than individually crafted veneers.

The best way to get started improving your smile is to call our Novato cosmetic dentists to schedule a personal consultation. Every aesthetic dentistry plan really needs to be customized to suit the individual patient, so don’t settle for one-size-fits-all treatments.