Novato Dentist Answers Common Patient Questions About CAD/CAM In Dentistry

Written by Dr. McConnell on Mar 28, 2023

Our Novato restorative dentists work hard to continually incorporate new and state-of-the-art treatments into our office. One dental technology that has made a huge splash in the world of dentistry is CAD/CAM technology. Today we are answering some commonly asked questions regarding CAD/CAM and its uses in dentistry. Let’s get started!

Q: What is CAD/CAM?

A: “CAD/CAM” is an acronym that stands for “computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing.” Basically, CAD/CAM allows our team to use digital technology to help us craft customized restorations and plan other types of cosmetic and restorative treatments. CAD/CAM technology includes digital imaging software as well as scanning technology so that we can make a computer model of your smile.

Q: Is CAD/CAM painful?

A: In order to use computer imaging technology, our team will take a digital impression, or scan, of relevant teeth and/or your entire smile. This scan is non-invasive and entirely comfortable. Sometimes CAD/CAM is used to help plan more invasive treatments—like dental implant insertion. If you are undergoing complicated, invasive, or multi-phased treatment, talk to our dental team about using sedation dentistry!

Q: What are the advantages of using CAD/CAM?

A: Many people first learn about CAD/CAM when they need to receive a new dental restoration. CAD/CAM enables dentists using CEREC technology to create, fit, and place a dental restoration in just one day. After taking a scan of your tooth, our dentist inputs this information into the restoration milling machine, thus your personalized restoration is created! CAD/CAM also helps dentists to plan out dental implant procedures, as well as some cosmetic treatments. CAD/CAM digital modeling allows us to pinpoint exactly where we will insert dental implant roots, etc.

Our Novato CEREC dentists are here to give you any additional information you may need about dental technologies and restorative treatment in general. Give us a call to schedule your consultation!