Novato Dentist Discusses Advancements In The World Of Restorative Dentistry

Written by Dr. McConnell on Apr 13, 2021

One of the great things about the world of dentistry is that treatment options and technologies are constantly evolving. This short article from our Novato dentists will provide an overview of just a few recent advancements in restorative dentistry. Keep reading to learn more!


Amalgam fillings used to be the preferred, industry-standard material when dentists restored damaged teeth. Now however, our team utilizes less problematic materials, like composite resin and porcelain. These treatment options are attractive, durable, and totally mercury-free.

Advances in Porcelain Technology 

Porcelain is an exceptional material for repairing and enhancing your teeth. Porcelain looks just like natural enamel, is exceptionally strong, and can be completely customized. Modern porcelain is actually thinner than ever before, without sacrificing strength and durability. This is advantageous for patients because it means we don’t have to remove very much healthy tooth structure in order to make your restorations “fit.”

Effective Whitening  

Professional-strength whitening treatments are safer and more effective than ever before. Many people are able to lighten their teeth by six to eight shades with just one whitening session. Modern whitening formulations are also gentle—safe for your dental enamel and comfortable for you! 

As you can see, it is now easier than ever before for patients to achieve and maintain their dream smiles. If you are ready to improve the health or the appearance of your smile, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Novato dental team to get started.