Novato Dentist Discusses The Importance Of Protective Mouthguards

Written by Dr. McConnell on Mar 8, 2022

Protective dental gear can help you avoid serious dental problems, especially if you participate in contact and extreme sports. This article from our Novato dentists is all about key considerations when crafting custom mouthguards. Don’t forget about…


Custom-fit mouthguards offer more protective benefits than generic models. Your protective appliance should fit snugly over your teeth, and stay firmly in place. These mouthguards are designed to absorb and redistribute energy upon impact, thus protecting your natural enamel. 

Structural Support

A well-crafted mouthguard covers your natural teeth without causing bite alignment issues or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. An ill-fitting appliance can lead to inadvertent damage and discomfort.


The thermoplastic materials that we utilize to create mouthguards feel comfortable and smooth once in place. These protective appliances only work if you wear them regularly, so comfort is of the utmost importance!


Our dental team creates mouthguards that hold up to regular wear as well as frequent cleanings. Talk to your dental team about steps you can take to maintain the integrity of your protective mouthguard. 

Our Novato dentists are here to help you get the protective dental gear you need to stay safe. Get started by scheduling a consultation with our dental team, or by leaving a question and your contact information for our office through our Contact Us page.