Novato Dentist Explains The Ways In Which Hydration Is Linked To Oral Health

Written by Dr. McConnell on Feb 13, 2024

Your dental health and overall well-being are tightly linked—improving whole-body health frequently also improves your smile. That is why our Novato dentists are here to share some information about the importance of hydration to oral health…

H2O for Hydration

Our dental team encourages our patients to prioritize hydration in their everyday lives, so that they are able to produce enough saliva to support dental health. Many patients are actually surprised to learn about how important saliva really is for…

  • Neutralizing bacteria
  • Dislodging food particles and dental debris
  • Diluting acidic substances
  • Minimizing odor-causing agents

In short, it makes sense that patients who suffer from chronic dry mouth also experience increased rates of cavity development, periodontal disease, and halitosis.

Now, technically, you can hydrate with any beverage—soft drinks, juices, coffees, teas, etc. The problem is that all of these options have not-so-great aspects when it comes to boosting oral health. They either contain sugars, which fuel harmful oral bacteria, or they’re quite acidic (acid exposure softens dental enamel). Additionally, many of these drinks discolor your teeth over time.

Water does not have sugar, is not acidic, and will not discolor your smile. And, in fact, there is one more benefit to drinking H2O; in the United States tap water contains fluoride—a mineral that strengthens dental enamel!

Tips & Strategies

If you are ready to focus on hydration, our team wants to encourage you to get started by implementing a few of these strategies in your own life:

  • Carry water with you throughout the day
  • Try using a big water bottle that shows you how much you’ve consumed each day
  • Track your water consumption on your planner or phone
  • Set water break reminders on your phone
  • Drink water every time you do an essential activity
  • Commit to swapping one sugary or acidic beverage for water each day

Start by making some of these small changes to your routine, and notice how your smile looks and feels as a result! If you need additional information about hydration, daily oral hygiene, or dentistry in general, our Novato, CA dentists are here to help you. Give us a call to get started!