Novato Dentist Gives You More Information About Healthy Back-To-School Dental Habits

Written by Dr. McConnell on Aug 23, 2022

As you establish new habits and routines this school-year, our Novato dentists want to encourage you to prioritize about the health of your smile in your day to day routine. Keep reading to learn more about simple steps you can take to support a healthy smile…

Carry Water 

Now is the perfect time to get into the habit of carrying and drinking water throughout the day. When you are well-hydrated you’re less likely to deal with chronic dry mouth; research has shown that dry mouth increases a patient’s risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. So, take your oral health into your own hands, and keep water handy all day long!

Rinse Habitually

For many of us, a new routine necessitates a new schedule for eating snacks and meals. Our team encourages you to prioritize rinsing your smile after eating or drinking anything other than water. By simply rinsing your mouth you clear away dental debris, dislodge plaque, encourage saliva production, and support enamel re-mineralization.

Minimize Bad Habits

We also encourage you to focus on minimizing any bad habits that may be putting your smile at risk. Many people, for example, chew on the ends of their pencils or pens as they read or study. The problem is that this can cause your dental enamel thin over time. It is also common for people to grind their teeth or clench their jaws as they concentrate. The problem is that this can lead to TMJ dysfunction and thinning dental enamel.

These are just a few ideas on ways that you can support a healthy and glowing smile this year. To learn more about preventive dental care, or to schedule a consultation with our team, please reach out to our Novato dentists by phone or through our Contact Us page. We’re here to help!