Novato Dentist Helps Patients Understand Why Hydration Matters For Their Smiles

Written by Dr. McConnell on Aug 30, 2022

We all want to enjoy healthy, attractive, and fresh smiles, but sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle to see results. Our Novato dentists have a simple suggestion to help you achieve and maintain oral health—drink more water! Keep reading to learn more about the ways in which hydration is linked to dental health.

H2O for Hydration

The number one reason that you need to stay hydrated during the day is so that your body can produce enough saliva to support a healthy smile. Saliva actually performs a number of important functions: it dislodges dental debris and plaque, neutralizes acids, and dilutes bacterial levels.

Research has shown, time and time again, that people who live with chronic dry mouth also develop more cavities than normal, and suffer from periodontal disease and halitosis at increased rates. Without saliva, it is so much harder to achieve and maintain a healthy smile!

A quick look around your grocery store will show you that you have many beverage options available to you. However, there are a few key reasons to reach for water, instead of energy drinks, juices, soft drinks, or coffee/teas.

When we talk about the benefits of water, we really need to talk about all of the things that water isn’t. Namely, water isn’t acidic; it isn’t full of sugar; it isn’t discoloring. With water, you get all of the benefits of hydration without the yucky byproducts you don’t need.

Plus, tap water (in the United States) is enriched with fluoride, a mineral that helps to strengthen dental enamel! So, you get additional benefits from sipping on water instead of more processed drinks.

Tips & Strategies

If you want to improve your hydration levels to support a healthy smile, you may want to try…

  • Carrying water with you throughout the day
  • Drinking from a large water bottle that helps you track the amount you’re drinking
  • Setting reminders on your phone to hydrate
  • Keeping track of the amount you’re drinking on a calendar or planner
  • Committing to replacing one sugary or acidic drink with plain water

Once you get into the habit of drinking water regularly, you’ll be surprised at how much better your mouth looks and feels. To get more advice on boosting hydration, you can always call our Novato dentists to speak to a member of our team. We look forward to speaking with you!