Novato Dentist Helps You Determine Which Aesthetic Treatments Are Right For Your Smile

Written by Dr. McConnell on May 21, 2024

With so many aesthetic treatments available to dental patients today, it can be difficult to determine which type of cosmetic solution is right for your needs. That’s where our Novato cosmetic dentists come in! We can help you evaluate the pros and cons of various treatments, so that you can achieve your dream smile!

Keep reading to get a quick breakdown of some of the most popular cosmetic treatments in our office:

Professional dental whitening: this treatment lightens existing dental stains and discoloration, in order to restore the patient’s smile to its previous level of whiteness. Our team applies a topical whitening treatment to the patient’s enamel, and as this gel activates it goes to work minimizing dental darkness.

Dental bonding: when you choose dental bonding, you can achieve a number of dental goals with just one quick and comfortable treatment. During dental bonding, our dentist applies dental resin to your existing teeth. Once the resin is cured and hardened, it looks exceptionally similar to natural enamel, and it’s hard and durable.

Cosmetic veneers: you can also cover your existing smile—or just specific teeth—with personalized porcelain veneers. Veneers are exceptionally thin aesthetic restorations that, once attached, stay permanently in place. Veneers give you a customizable way to resurface your smile.

Invisalign: if you want to improve the dental alignment of your natural teeth, Invisalign may be the answer. This orthodontic treatment moves the patient’s teeth using a series of plastic aligners, rather than traditional metal braces. Patients report that Invisalign is more comfortable, attractive, and patient-friendly than conventional metal brackets and wires.

As always, our Novato cosmetic dentists are here to give you any additional information that you may need about all of your dentistry options. Give us a call or use the Contact Us page on our website in order to get started!