Novato Dentist Reviews Red Flags For Old Restorations

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jun 1, 2021

As your restorations age, they can change in appearance, shape, and fit. Unfortunately, these kinds of changes usually mean that your crown is not as effective as it used to be. Today, our Novato dentists are talking about some signs that may indicate that your restoration is failing. Keep reading to learn more…


Perhaps the clearest sign that you need to schedule a consult with your dental team is discomfort and sensitivity around the restoration site. You may experience pain as air passes over your tooth, or when your tooth is exposed to something particularly hot or cold. Discomfort is a sign that your restoration is not adequately protecting and sealing off the dental pulp and nerves inside your tooth. 

Bite Changes

As restorations wear down, they can change shape, size, and position. Unfortunately, this can result in a patient’s bite becoming uneven. When a restoration is damaged, your top and bottom teeth may not fit together as comfortably as they once did.


Experiencing increased dental discoloration is especially common among those patients with amalgam fillings. As mercury fillings break down, their gray/silver color will become more pronounced on the tooth’s surface. 

If any of your dental restorations have seen better days, our Novato dentists can help you reclaim a healthy smile. Give our office a call to get started!