Novato Dentist Reviews Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Dental Tools

Written by Dr. McConnell on Aug 2, 2022

You work hard to care for your smile every morning and every night, but are you getting the most you can out of this daily routine? In today’s article our Novato dentists are talking about picking the right dental tools—what matters and what doesn’t. Keep reading to learn more…

Commonly Used Tools

When you are designing your at-home oral hygiene routine you want to make sure that you are using both a toothbrush and floss in order to get the most out of your daily efforts. Toothbrush bristles are designed to buff away bacterial plaque and detritus. Floss serves a complementary function—it squeezes into those hard-to-reach spaces between teeth to scrape away plaque.


When you are evaluating toothbrushes or types of floss, pay special attention to how easily they fit into your mouth and between your teeth. Some toothbrush heads, for example, may be too large to comfortably reach your back molars. Similarly, certain types of floss may be too wide to wedge between your teeth. These dental tools can only do their jobs when they are able to reach the entirety of your mouth.


Take special care to clean your smile as gently as possible, in order to avoid enamel thinning and gum tissue recession. Did you know that toothbrush bristles are available in everything from “soft” to “extra firm?” Generally speaking, softer bristles are better for long-term oral health. If, however, you’re not sure what type of brush is right for your smile, talk to your dental team for more guidance!

If you think it may be time to upgrade or improve your daily dental routine, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Novato dentists to get more information and guidance. Remember, we’re here to help you reach your goals!