Novato Dentist Shares Simple Resolutions You Can Make To Care For Your Smile In 2022

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jan 11, 2022

It’s that time of year: many of us are making resolutions for 2022! Our Novato dentists are here to encourage you to keep your smile in mind as you set these goals. Keep reading to learn more about the steps that you can take to refresh your smile this year.

Replace Oral Hygiene Tools

One of the easiest things that you can do is to take this opportunity to replace any aging dental tools that may be hanging around your bathroom. Did you know that as toothbrushes age they not only become less effective, but they can also begin to harbor harmful oral bacteria? The ADA recommends that patients switch out their toothbrushes every three months, and after suffering from illnesses. Start the new year fresh with clean dental tools!

Resolve To Drink More Water

Water helps your smile in so many ways. Every time that you reach for water, rather than sugary sodas and juices, you are making a healthy choice for your smile. Additionally, drinking water, and rinsing your mouth with water, helps to dislodge dental debris and plaque. Plus, when you are adequately hydrated, your body is able to produce plenty of saliva; saliva works to neutralize bacteria and re-mineralize enamel. Try setting a timer on your phone to remind you to drink water, or get into the habit of carrying a reusable bottle with you during the day.

Schedule Your Semi-Annual Cleanings, Now

Most patients should be undergoing professional cleanings and assessments about every six months or so. It’s so easy to fall behind on this schedule, so, as you make plans for the new year, get these appointments on the books while you’re thinking about it. Professional cleanings clear away plaque and tartar and allow our team to screen your mouth for signs of developing problems, including oral cancers.

If you want to learn more about things that you can do to care for your smile, our Novato dentists are here to help you! Call our team to schedule a personal consultation.