Novato Dentists Share Tips For Caring For Your Smile During Cold And Flu Season

Written by Dr. McConnell on Oct 5, 2021

It’s that time of year again, when illnesses run rampant. What many people don’t think about is that when they are dealing with whole-body health issues, their smiles are also affected. Today our Novato family dentists are talking about a few simple things that you can do to support oral health even when you’re not feeling your best.

When you’re ill, you may deal with any of these commonly experienced problems:

  • Post-Nasal Drip

We all know that head colds create an excess of mucus, and sometimes this can drip down into the back of the patient’s throat—this is known as post-nasal drip. This not only contributes to throat irritation; it can also cause bad breath.

  • Vomiting

Because stomach acid is so acidic, it can be really damaging on your smile. When you are sick and vomiting, you want to make sure that you are rinsing your mouth with water regularly.

  • Dehydration

If you become dehydrated you’ll likely notice that your mouth feels grittier, and that it is harder for you to maintain fresh breath. A dry mouth is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive, which is why it’s particularly important to keep your oral tissues moist when you’re sick. 

There are simple steps that you can take to protect your oral health when you’re not feeling well:

  • Increase water consumption: keep a water bottle with you throughout the day, and beside your bed for easy access.
  • Rinse your smile: rinsing your smile with either water or a formulated rinse helps to jump-start saliva production, clear away dental debris and bacteria, and clear away mucus.
  • Keep some dental tools by your bed: sometimes, when we are not feeling our best, it feels almost impossible to get through our daily routines. Try keeping some floss and mouth rinse on your nightstand, so that everything is within arm’s reach.

You can always reach out to our Novato family dentists to learn more about caring for your smile throughout the winter—we are here to help!