Novato Emergency Dentist Provides Effective Care Right Away

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jun 4, 2024

When you are faced with an unexpected oral health issue, prompt and effective treatment is critical to restoring oral health. That’s why our Novato emergency dentists make it a point to be accessible to and flexible with our patients. Here are some of the in-office solutions available to our emergency dental patients.

Composite Resin Treatments

Composite resin bonding is a completely amalgam and mercury-free restorative option that is used to repair and rebuild dental structures. Made of a mixture of plastic compounds and ceramic, composite resin starts off as a soft moldable putty. Once our dentists shape and cure it, the resin hardens, while simultaneously permanently bonding with your underlying tooth structure.

Composite resin treatment might be right for you if you…

  • Want to repair damaged or cracked enamel
  • Want to lengthen short or worn-down teeth
  • Have uneven dental alignment
  • Want to cover unsightly or irregular dental enamel

The entire composite bonding process takes just one appointment to complete!

Porcelain Restorations

Both traditional dental crowns and cosmetic veneers are crafted from porcelain. Porcelain is considered the gold-standard restorative dental material because it looks so much like enamel, while being durable and customizable.

An additional benefit of porcelain restorations is that they can usually be crafted and placed in just a couple of appointments. And, once they are in place, your restorations are designed to last for decades.

Gum Tissue Treatment

Your gum tissue makes a big difference in how your smile looks, feels and functions. If you have parts of your gums that are damaged, particularly gummy, or uneven, our dental team will help you refine these areas. Gum tissue reduction and shaping are done in one appointment.

When you are faced with a dental emergency, you don’t have to panic! Just contact our Novato emergency dentists to get started repairing your smile right away.