Novato Family Dentist Talks About Replacing Metal Fillings

Written by Dr. McConnell on Apr 28, 2015

Many years ago, if you had a cavity, your only option was a metal filling. Today, however, patients of the Novato Family Dentist have a much more attractive option: tooth-colored composite fillings. In fact, the results are so remarkable that many patients wonder if they should proactively replace all their metal fillings with composites.

Replacing Metal Fillings

It’s a choice that patients should make in consultation with their dentist. We’ll explain the pros and cons of tooth-colored fillings as well as discuss when replacing metal fillings is appropriate.

Basically, replacement of metal fillings with tooth-colored composites is a good option in certain cases. We don’t normally recommend removal unless patients want the sliver out for esthetic purposes, if a fracture occurs, or if the tooth becomes further decayed. 

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

Dental composite restorations have been widely used since about 1995. They’re a relatively new option, but one that has quickly gained popularity for a number of reasons. The main consideration for most patients of the Novato Family Dentist is appearance. Restorations with composites create a tooth-colored repair that blends in with natural teeth. 

But composites offer other advantages as well. In addition to looking natural and visually blending in with other teeth, composites:

  • Do not contain mercury
  • Bond to the tooth and strengthen it
  • Require less of the tooth to be removed to place the filling

Please Contact Our Office for an Appointment

As we mentioned above, if you’re thinking about the possibility of replacing metal fillings, you should request a personal consultation with your dentist to discuss the pros and cons. We can evaluate the condition of the filling and your tooth and explain when it would be appropriate to remove the old filling, and what type of filling would be most suitable.