Novato Gum Disease Dentist Provides Overview Of The Dangers Of Periodontal Disease

Written by Dr. McConnell on Aug 30, 2016

When most patients think of “dental health” they think about their teeth; people generally know that cavities can damage their smiles, but what about gum disease? Periodontal disease is actually the leading cause of tooth loss among American adults. That is why our Novato dentists offer state-of-the-art preventive and reparative treatments to help you avoid long-term dental health issues.

Periodontal disease is a severe infection of the gum tissue—this infection can infiltrate surrounding oral tissues and even spread to the patient’s jawbone. When periodontal disease is allowed to progress untreated, you may suffer from:

· Chronic bad breath

· Bleeding gum tissue

· Swollen and painful gums

· Loose teeth

· Tooth loss

· Jawbone tissue deterioration

Additionally, chronic periodontal disease can actually put you at risk of suffering from a number of whole-body health issues, many of which are quite serious. The connection between periodontal disease and overall health problems is called the oral systemic connection. Periodontal disease increases your risk of suffering from…

· Diabetes

· Respiratory issues

· Gastrointestinal problem

· Heart disease

· Stroke

· Chronic inflammation

· Pre-term birth

Our dental team offers state-of-the-art laser treatment for periodontal disease. Laser treatment allows us to quickly, comfortably, and effectively clear away infected oral tissues. The laser actually seeks out damaged gum tissue, while leaving health tissue intact. As the laser moves across your oral tissues, it immediately seals the incision site, which promotes the healing process.

Patients report that laser periodontal treatment is much preferable to traditional surgery. Not only is the treatment process quick and comfortable, but the post-treatment recovery process is also much faster than traditional methods.

If you think that you may be suffering from gum disease, the absolute best thing that you can do is to seek out prompt treatment from a dental professional. Timely intervention and treatment can help you save your smile.

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