Novato Root Canal Dentist Walks You Through The Treatment Process

Written by Dr. McConnell on Apr 27, 2021

There is no doubt that root canal therapy has developed a bit of a reputation among dental patients over the years. It is very common for people to feel anxious or even fearful at the prospect of undergoing root canal treatment. However, our Novato root canal dentists are here to put your mind at ease—root canals don’t need to be scary!

Why Do We Need Root Canals?

Because root canal therapy is designed to clear out a tooth’s dental pulp, it only becomes necessary when damage extends into the tooth’s core. Basically, once an infection or a fracture has reached the center of your tooth, we need to clear out sensitive and vulnerable dental tissues and restore the tooth with dental-grade materials. 

What Can I Expect From Treatment?

In the first stage of treatment our dentist determines how far-reaching and how deep your dental damage is. X-ray images, for example, allow us to see what parts of your teeth need to be removed, and what parts are still viable.

The next step is to drill into the tooth and clear away the dental core. We remove everything—pulp, nerves, and roots. What we are left with is the “shell” of the tooth—the enamel and dentin that is still healthy and strong.

As the final step in the treatment process, our team fills and caps the tooth with a custom restoration. This restores the appearance and functionality of your previously damaged tooth. 

How Can I Protect My Smile?

Make sure that you are following all of your dentist’s advice when it comes to caring for your smile at home and in the office. And keep your eyes open for signs of serious dental damage, which may indicate a root canal is needed:

  • tooth pain
  • jaw pain
  • pain that radiates from your smile to your neck or head
  • visible gray or brown discoloration
  • damaged, receding, or bleeding gum tissue
  • chronic bad breath

We hope that the more you learn about root canal treatment the more comfortable you’ll be in the dentist’s chair. Remember, you can always reach out to our Novato root canal dentists to learn more and to schedule a consultation!