Our Novato Dental Implant Dentist Outlines Effective Tooth Replacement Treatments That Work

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jul 26, 2022

Losing a tooth can be an upsetting and inconvenient occurrence for many dental patients. That is why our Novato Dental Implant dentists are committed to providing comfortable, accessible, and high-quality restorative options to get your smile back on track. Keep reading to learn more… 

Replacing Single Teeth

If you have a hole in your smile due to tooth loss, our dental team is here to help you smile confidently again. Individual replacement teeth are designed to mirror your natural tooth shape and shade. So, once your restoration is inserted, it will blend in seamlessly with your surrounding smile.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Sometimes patients find themselves needing to replace multiple lost teeth at the same time. In these cases, there are a few treatment options available. A patient may choose to use individual replacement teeth on multiple spots along their gum line to achieve a whole and healthy smile. Another option is to use a larger dental prosthesis, like a denture or a bridge, to replace several teeth using one oral appliance.

Making Restorations Permanent

So far we have discussed the visible portions of your replacement teeth, but replacing the missing tooth root can be just as important. Using titanium dental implant roots our team can secure individual restorations as well as larger prostheses, so that you can eat, speak, and care for your smile normally. Because titanium bonds with natural bone tissue, these roots actually help to support bone density as well.

If you are living with the effects of tooth loss, our Novato dental implant dentists are here to help you! Please don’t hesitate to call our team, or to use the Contact Us page on our website to submit a question and your contact information. You deserve to smile confidently again!