Our Novato Dentist Talks About Wearing Protective Mouthguards

Written by Dr. McConnell on Nov 28, 2023

If you are someone who enjoys contact sports and extreme physical activities, then our Novato dentists strongly encourage you to use protective dental gear to safeguard your smile. In this short article, we are going to be talking about key considerations when designing and crafting mouthguards. Keep reading to learn more…


Personalized mouthguards are more stable and functional than generic alternatives. In case of contact or trauma, these dental appliances shield dental enamel from damage, and help to redistribute impact.

Structural Support

Another benefit of using customized protective gear is that it facilitates healthy jaw positioning and temporomandibular joint function. A poorly fit mouthguard can actually put unnecessary strain on jaw joints over time.


You’ll find that your protective dental appliance feels comfortable and stable once in place; this is crucial, since the only way these guards work is when patients actually wear them!


Protective mouthguards are made of thermoplastic material that can withstand tooth-on-tooth pressure and contact. You can also clean these appliances without worrying about degrading the material. 

Don’t let unnecessary dental trauma derail your smile. Our Novato dentists are here to help you make healthy, proactive decisions that better your dental health. Contact our team to get started today!