Our Novato Dentists Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Dentistry Services To Meet Your Needs

Written by Dr. McConnell on Mar 26, 2024

Comprehensive dentistry is designed to meet the patient’s needs in the most thorough, efficient, and convenient ways possible. Our Novato dentists offer a wide range of effective dental treatments precisely because we know that, with multiple options available, we can build personalized treatment plans for our individual patients.

In this short article, you’ll find a little bit more information about the range of dental services offered here in our Novato dental office. As always, you can also contact our team if you have questions!

Every good oral hygiene routine begins with regularly scheduled, effective preventive treatments. Our team provides professional dental cleanings to refresh your smile and clear away accumulated plaque and tartar. We also use these appointments to perform oral cancer screenings and complete any other preventive treatments that may be necessary, such as topical fluoride application and sealant placement. Our office treats pediatric patients as well as adults.

The next category of dental treatment that we offer is restorative care. We treat cavities and restore teeth with tooth-colored fillings and natural-looking crowns. We also offer dental bonding to resurface and repair damaged teeth. If you’re battling ongoing gum infections, you’ll likely benefit from periodontal care, which minimizes infected oral tissues and promotes tissue regeneration.

If your dental damage has become quite severe, our dental team may recommend that you undergo root canal therapy in order to save as much of a damaged tooth as possible. Patients suffering from tooth loss can rebuild their smiles with stand-alone dental implants as well as implant-stabilized prostheses, like dentures.  In our office, there is no such thing as a smile that is too far gone or beyond help. We have seen firsthand what a powerful effect restorative treatment can have on a patient’s smile and his or her life.

Of course, we prioritize dental aesthetics in everything that we do. You may find that you want to lighten your natural enamel with topical professional whitening or cover discolored teeth with bonding or porcelain veneers. Our team also offers innovative Invisalign orthodontic treatment so that you can perfect your dental alignment without having to bother with traditional metal braces. 

The treatments that we use in the office are tried, true, and tested; we know that they work because we have decades of experience using them. If you want to learn more from our Novato dentists, just give us a call to schedule your consultation!