Our Novato Dentists Talk About Tooth Sensitivity And How It Can Be Treated

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jun 25, 2024

For many dental patients, tooth sensitivity seems to pop out of nowhere. However, in most cases, the root causes of sensitivity develop and compound over a long period of time. That’s actually good news! It means that there are things that you can do to minimize your risk of developing sensitivity, and to address sensitivity you may already have. Keep reading to learn more from our Novato dentists.

Generally speaking, sensitivity occurs when a vulnerable part of the tooth is exposed to external substances, be it food, drink, or even cold air. Your dental enamel is the outermost covering of your tooth, and it is designed to protect vulnerable tooth layers from exposure. So what’s going on when you start experiencing dental pain/sensitivity?

  • Your dental enamel may have thinned to such an extent that the nerves inside the tooth are coming into contact with the foods and drinks that you consume, for example.
  • Your gum tissue may have receded to the point that dental nerves near the bottom of your tooth are too exposed.
  • You may have a cavity, crack, or chip, that bores through your enamel and into the sensitive dental pulp at the core of the tooth.

There are specially formulated toothpastes and mouth rinses that can help to dull pain receptors and minimize sensitivity. Once we assess your smile, our dental team can give you some recommendations on which formulations to use.

Additionally, professional treatments that strengthen or cover your enamel can help to lessen sensitivity. Topical fluoride treatments, for example, help to fortify and strengthen your natural enamel, so that it becomes more resilient. Alternatively, you could cover diminished enamel with a coating of dental resin. The resin acts as a barrier, preventing irritants from getting through the tooth.

You don’t have to live with unfettered sensitivity forever. Our Novato dentists are here to help you regain a strong and comfortable smile. Give us a call to learn more and to schedule a personal consultation with our team!