Sedation Dentistry at Novato, CA Dentist Allows You to Take Charge of Your Oral Health

Written by Dr. McConnell on Jul 23, 2013

For millions of people, it’s impossible to believe that dental treatment can be anything less than a terrifying ordeal. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. But you do not have to sacrifice your oral health because of this very common fear. At the Novato, CA Dentist office, we combine compassion and understanding of your needs with advanced sedation dentistry to help you take control of managing your own oral health.

The great majority of people with dental anxiety have had a negative experience in their childhood or even as an adult. Ongoing fear of dental work is a very understandable reaction to this type of experience. We realize that this fear can dominate your thoughts as you approach any dental treatment, causing you to delay or avoid treatment altogether.

Compassionate Care

Unfortunately, this neglect usually results in more serious and complex treatment as your oral health degrades. But the professional team at our Novato, CA Dentist office knows how important your good oral health is to your overall well being. That is why our priority is to understand where this feeling of anxiety originates so that we can help you take steps toward a positive and healthy approach to future dental care.
Sedation Options

There are also sedation options available that will allow you to feel calm and relaxed before, during and after treatment:

Inhalation Sedation – Also referred to as “laughing gas,” this sedation method is very effective in helping patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety. It helps you feel very relaxed and somewhat drowsy so that the sights and sounds around you fade into the background. As treatment proceeds, we are by your side at all times so that you can let us know if the level of sedation needs to be increased to keep you comfortable. Once treatment is complete, many patients have little or no memory of the details of their visit.

Oral Conscious Sedation
– For patients with more severe dental anxiety or those who are receiving more complex treatment, oral conscious sedation is highly effective. A calming medication will be prescribed by your dentist and should be taken about an hour before your appointment. By taking the medication beforehand, you will already feel more relaxed when you arrive at our office. In these cases, the prescribed medication is usually combined with Inhalation Sedation to provide you with a completely comfortable and stress-free experience.