Spring Clean Your Smile With Help From Our Novato Dentists

Written by Dr. McConnell on Mar 29, 2022

For many of us, spring is all about renewal and rejuvenation. Well, our Novato dentists are here to encourage you to extend this theme to include your dental routine! This is a perfect time of year to refocus on your oral health and hygiene. Keep reading to learn more about what we mean…

Professional Cleaning

The American Dental Association recommends that patients undergo professional cleanings every six months—you may need to see your dentist more frequently if you are dealing with ongoing oral health problems. Schedule your cleaning to coincide with spring cleaning to ensure that it doesn’t fall between the cracks, and that you do not fall behind

At-Home Refresh

As part of your spring cleaning process, evaluate your at-home oral hygiene tools, and get rid of anything that is old or expired. Generally speaking, toothbrushes need to be replaced every few months, so that the bristles are fresh and new enough to effectively buff away plaque. You also want to make sure that any mouth rinses and toothpastes you are using are still good (not expired).

Set Goals

While you are focusing on your smile, try to set a few goals or intentions for the coming months. Do you want to whiten and brighten your teeth? Is it time to focus on gum health and get periodontal disease under control? Be clear about your dental goals, and share this information with your dental team to optimize your results.

As always, our Novato dentists are here to give you any additional information and support that you may need. Reach our team by phone or through our Contact Us page to get started right away.