The Novato, CA Dentist Discusses Benefits of Replacing Silver Amalgam Fillings

Written by Dr. McConnell on May 21, 2019

The recent concern over the presence of mercury in foods and other products may have you wondering about your older amalgam fillings. Today I’ll discuss why more and more dentists are moving away from this material to mercury-free dentistry.

Are Mercury Fillings Safe?

With the growing concern over the safety of mercury levels in certain foods and from other sources, the Novato, CA dentist has received an increasing number of questions from concerned patients about the mercury contained in their dental fillings. These fillings are referred to as amalgam or sometimes silver fillings, and in addition to other metals, they are composed of about 50% mercury.

Although the FDA has deemed amalgam fillings to be safe for use in dental fillings, there is still quite a bit of controversy surrounding their safety and the impact they may have on one’s overall health. It is true that trace amounts of mercury vapor leak out of these amalgam fillings over time. Understandably, this has many patients concerned about the use of this material in their own fillings and especially the safety of amalgam fillings for their children.

Is it Safe to Remove Mercury Fillings?

If you have broken fillings or mercury fillings you may want to consider having them replaced. Novato, CA dentist Dr. Steven McConnell is trained in the specialized procedures necessary to safely remove amalgam fillings.

Our procedure rooms are specifically designed to allow for the safe removal and replacement of old amalgam fillings. Your safety is our top priority; we follow strict protocols, are highly trained, and have many years of experience in replacing mercury with healthier, non-toxic materials.

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