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CEREC Treatment Explained By Our Marin County Dentist

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Dental treatments and technologies just continue to get more convenient and comfortable for the patient. Our Marin County dentists make it a priority to continually update our practice with the most state-of-the-art dental innovations available. One of the treatments that has transformed the dentistry experience for many people is CEREC crown placement.

CEREC crowns are permanent, high-quality restorations that are crafted right here in our office. If you’ve had a crown before, you probably remember that your dentist took an impression for your crown, and then you had to come back in a week or so to have the final restoration placed. This is the standard protocol for crown placement, because traditionally dental restorations are crafted in an off-site lab and then send to your dentist’s office.

CEREC technology, however, allows our dental team to mill your crown right here in our office. When you come in for treatment, our dentist will prep your tooth and take an impression. Then we’ll input this information into the CEREC machine and machine will craft a restoration to fit your specifications. When the restoration is complete, our team fits it on your tooth and makes any final adjustments necessary. Finally, we bond the crown to your tooth so that your damaged tooth is fully restored.

Every CEREC crown is made from high-quality porcelain, so it is strong and durable. Additionally, these crowns are customized in color, shape, and size, so that they look natural for the individual person.

When you choose CEREC treatment, you are able to restore your smile quickly and conveniently. You won’t have to worry about wearing a temporary crown or scheduling multiple appointments.

Our Novato dentists are happy to provide you with any additional information that you may need about all of your restorative dentistry options. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!

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