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Novato Dentist Discusses Sedation for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

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Do you suffer from dental anxiety? This is very common, as a large percentage of our population struggles with an overwhelming fear of dentists and dental procedures. This anxiety can be so overwhelming that it may even lead to your postponing or avoiding dental treatment altogether. Of course, dental problems don't just go away and ultimately will need to be treated. Unfortunately, postponing dental treatment almost always results in more invasive and more costly treatment.
At the Novato Dentist office, your complete comfort and well-being are very important to our team. We want to make it less stressful for you to receive the important dental treatment you need by providing painless and efficient treatments. We use minimally invasive procedures and the most recent technological advancements to reduce potential discomfort and the time you have to spend in the dental chair.

Many people suffer from dental phobia because they feel a loss of control when they spend time at the dentist office. So what can you do to help minimize your stress and anxiety? We'd like to share some practical tips that will allow you to feel greater control during your dental appointments, hopefully reducing your stress level.

Communicate with your dentist
– Patients with dental anxiety are often embarrassed to talk about their fear. But making your dentist aware of your feelings will alert the professional team to take the necessary precautions during your treatment.

Agree on a signal – Patients are often afraid that the dentist won’t know if and when they are experiencing pain or anxiety, and this contributes to their fear. Agree on a signal with your dentist beforehand. This can be as simple as raising your hand to let the dentist know you are feeling discomfort

Use a throat spray – If you worry about gagging, sprays used for sore throats can help to keep the gag reflex under control for the duration of the appointment.

Sedation – Sedation offers an excellent solution for many patients who would not otherwise be able to sit through dental treatment. Discuss the different types of sedation options available with your dentist before the appointment so you know exactly what to expect.

If you have been putting off important dental treatment because of dental phobia, please contact our Novato Dentist office to arrange a consultation. We will be happy to spend time with you to discuss procedures and treatments, allowing you so that you feel fully informed and comfortable and know what to expect during treatment.

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