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Sedation Dentist Novato Offers Freedom from Anxiety

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If you are one of many patients avoiding routine dental visits, you may be suffering from a fear of dentists and dental procedures referred to as dental phobia. This is a very real problem that is very common. But if you haven’t been to a dentist recently, you may not be aware that, with proper treatment dental phobia can become a thing of the past.

Importance of Communication

When you first visit the office of the Sedation Dentist Novato, our first objective is to assure you that they you are not alone in your feelings. When asked to describe their history with dentists, many patients tell us about a childhood experience that left them with strong negative feelings about dentists in general.

Understanding the underlying fear and making you feel at ease with our team and your surroundings is the first step to controlling and eliminating these fears. In order for sedation dentistry to be completely effective, it is vital for you to feel confident that your own needs and feelings are being taken into consideration throughout the process.

Sedation Options to Fit Your Needs

We will discuss the helpful options that sedation dentistry provides for fearful patients. Sedation treatments such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation can allow you to enjoy a stress-free dental procedure.

Everyone reacts differently to different types of sedation, and there are many factors to take into account when choosing the best sedation option for you. Our dentist and professional team will work with you to match your needs to the combination of treatments that will be most effective for you.

Get the Treatment You Need

It’s important to understand that delaying dental treatment because of your fears can lead to neglected oral care and long-term problems that would ultimately become difficult and costly to repair.

Many patients are pleased to know that the Sedation Dentist Novato can closely monitor their comfort level throughout treatment, ensuring that the post-procedure experience leaves them feeling refreshed and renewed. Through sedation dentistry, fearful patients can now find a way to feel confident and happy about taking positive steps to ensure their oral health.

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